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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  August 7, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning on this tuesday, august 7th. temperatures in the 70s. it is all about the 7s. >> it is. at least it's consistent. >> we are consistent in the washington, d.c. area as of late when it comes it our weather. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> let's talk to tucker barnes. >> good morning. we have temperatures in the 70s here in town.
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should be a decent day. we'll see some sunshine, some clouds, maybe a thunderstorm or two late today if you are south of the city, all part of a cold front falling part across the area. there you are, generally quiet. a few showers trying to get itself together just to the south and east of fredericksburg. that one looks like it is falling apart. other than that, just kind after hazy humid start to your day with temperatures in some spots falling back into the upper 60s and low 70s. should be a decent day. it will be warm and rather humid this afternoon with highs about 90 degrees with the possibility of a stray storm. more details in just a minute. toss it back to you guys at the desk. >> thank you. topping our stories, the sikh tim pell shooting in wisconsin. the shooter identified as wade michael page is report lid a neonazi white supremacist. the sikh community here in the
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d.c. area held a vigil last night in rockville to pray for the victims. jared loughner is due in court for a exepsy and change of plea hearings. he is expected to plead guilty to the 2011 mass shooting in arizona. -- jared loughner is due in court for a competency and change of plea hearing. firefighters have contained a mass i-5 fire at a chevron oil refinery in california but they are still working to extinguish all of the flames. official are telling residents to stay indoors because the black smoke spewing from the plant may be toxic. on august 6, 1945, an american b-29 bomb every called
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enola gay dropped an atomic bomb on the japanese see of hiroshima. it willed 140,000 people. >> president harry truman ordered that bombing. japan held a memorial marking that event yesterday. and president truman's grandson spoke at the care moan y. he ca >> reporter: a single bell tolled representing the exact time an atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima 67 years ago. about 50,000 people gathered in hiroshima's peace park to pay tribute. peace birds released into the sky as mourners observed a moment of silence. it marks the epicenter of where the enola gay released an atomic bomb on the city.
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as many as 140,000 people were killed in that attack. former president harry s. truman sending the order, starting the final chapter of world war ii. his grandson, clifton truman daniel, was invited to speak during the ceremony. >> i was praying for the souls lost in hiroshima and trying to imagine what must have happened on a beautiful august day. >> reporter: with the tragedies from last year's earthquake and tsunami still fresh on everyone's minds, this year's ceremony hits home harder. many areas of japan still feeling the effects from the nuclear plant fallout. the prime minister wonder where the country stands and using nuclear energy for years to come. >> we will work toward establishing a mid to long-term plan toward reduced dependence on nuclear energy. >> reporter: after at tax on
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hiroshima,sy oak and atomic bomb was dropped on nagasaki causing japan to surrender to the allies. we still have meanty ahead. weather, traffic and all of your top -- we still have plenty ahead, weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> live look outside at the washington monument on tuesday, august 7th. consistent warm weather. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker and get a look at what will be another warm day. it is august and only august 7th. we have a couple more week of. this. >> nothing too extreme. around 90 today. >> we can deal with it. >> might be a stray storm. not too unpleasant if you're outside the city.
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here in washington, 78. but outside of the city, in the 60s. here is your radar. we have a front that is falling apart across the area. we talked about it yesterday and it is still in the neighborhood. the farther north and west you get, the more comfortable the air. parts of the area in the mid- 60s right now. just looking up towards hagerstown, looks like it is about 65 degrees. here in town, we are in the upper 70s. let's see. looks like parts of montgomery county in the mid-60s as well. that front will just waver across the area today. should give us a mix of sunshine with some clouds and the possible particularly if you are south, if you are down into fredericksburg, southern maryland, lower eastern shore, you could see a pop-up shower later today. for the rest of us, i think we'll be partly sunny this afternoon. highs about 90 degrees. >> are there temperatures on
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that map? >> yep. >> can you read them? >> it's early in the morning. i like to challenge the viewers early. >> let's see if there are any challenges on the roadway. i'm fanning because it's hot in here. >> i wasn't sure because it was hot or because you're sitting next to wisdom. >> julie, you're making me blush. >> overnight accident still under investigate closing a portion of 95 in each direction down at the 104-mile marker that. puts it close to richmond. 95 remains close off in each direction as you travel towards mile marker 104. 395 northbound at the pentagon, no problems to report across the 14th street bridge. outer loop of the beltway at new hampshire avenue, lanes are open here. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic.
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>> thank you. new this morning, the suspect charged with shooting former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is expected to plead guilty today only for a judge finds him mentally competent to stand trial. the change in pleas would result fa a life sentence but he would avoid the death penalty. loughner is accused of going on a shooting rampage that killed six people and hurt 13 others in arizona last year. a university of maryland student who threatened to go on a killing spree has reportedly walked out a plea deal. -- worked out a plea deal. the gunman who killed six people at the the sikh temple
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in wisconsin on sapped was a white supremacist soldier who played in with a heavy metal band. let's get more from lauren demarco. >> reporter: although authorities won't speculate on a motive behind the shooting, we are learning more about where the investigation may be going this morning. this is the man police say carried out the attack, wade michael page. his murder weapon, a nine millimeter handgun purchased legally in milwaukee in july. of his a 40-year-old army veteran, demoted and discharged in 1998. we now learning that he played in white supremacist heavy metal band and he frequently posted items with extremist views or references to white supremacist mantra. so far, no angry blog or hate- filled manifesto. police caution we may never
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know exactly what motivated the deadly shooting spree. the fbi is taking the lead in the investigation working to determine whether the killings were an act of domestic terrorism. >> we are looking at ties to white supremacist groups. >> we can say he was in the military 1992 to 1998. he had a general discharge and that he was ineligible for re- enlistment. >> we had no rope to believe that he was planning or capable of such violence. >> reporter: we have learned that there may be some financial trouble. his home was in foreclosure and had been sold it a bank in january. people was killed by a police officer after he opened fire on complete strangers at the wisconsin temple on sunday. members of the sikh community are calling it a hate crime. investigators say there is a lot of information to decipher in trying to find a motive for this shooting. coming up later this morning, we'll hear from the shooter's
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stepmother live in the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you. here in our region, there was an outpouring of support for the shooting victims in wisconsin. a special prayer service was held last night at the sikh temple in rockville. in rockvi in fort washington, maryland, police have identified a body found in a duffel bag as a missing mother, 22-year-old shavon phillips from southeast d.c. was last seen july 30th leaving her child's day care cent are in northeast. her remains were fond on august 1st in a creek on bramer circle. d.c. mayor vincent gray has been embroiled in scandal for most of his 19 months in office. now, there is word that his
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staff has reached out to a crisis management specialist for help. her name is judy smith and she is well known for handling political scandals. a gray spokesman confirms smith has met with staffers. gray is under investigation for his 2010 mayoral campaign. don't be alarmed if you see law enforcement officers in your neighborhood tonight. it is the 29th annual national night out. from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., resident are planning to spend time outside with their neighbors and officers. there will be events in fairfax county, prince william county, gaithersburg and d.c. coming up, an explosion at a refinery and a warning for people living nearby. stay indoors. >> we'll get the latest on the fiery scene at the chevron refinery in california. we are checking more headlines coming up next. 
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making headlines this morning, firefighters have contained a massive fire at a chevron oil refinery in northern california but they are still working to extinguish all the flames. fire broke out yesterday evening after inspection crews found a leak in one of the diesel fuel tanks. officials are telling residents to stay indoors. making headline in afghanistan, a roadside bomb killed eight civilians who were traveling on a bus just north of the capital of kabul. it was placed under a bridge and detonated by remote control. two small planes were intercepted last night for entering restricted air space during a campaign stop by president obama in connecticut. the first incident happened around 7:00 p.m. over long island. that plane was followed until it landed where local law
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enforcement was waiting. the second plane was flying over new haven around 7:30. it was allowed to continue to its destination. today is voting day in a few states. voters in kansas, michigan, missouri and washington state are heading to the polls today for republican primaries. in the presidential race, president obama as labeling mitt romney's tax plan as rome anyhood saying it is like robin hood in reverse by taking from the poor and giving to the rich. the romney campaign is announcing it raised more money than the obama team for the third straight month. the speculation is growing that he will announce his vice presidential pick sometime in the next week. some local parking lot attendants accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in parking fees. >> we'll tell you where that happened next. we've got warm and humid conditions to start your day.
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what else is new? julie wright will have a look at your traffic coming up after the break.
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welcome back. it is coming up on 4:45 right now. taking a look at the capitol dome. nice and quiet out there. pretty humid too as you step outside. you will definitely feel it. you are used to that by now. >> feeling a little bit in
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here. >> feeling to a lot in here. we might as well be outside. >> i'm surprised you got the coat on today. >> i really don't want to wear the coat but i have to for other reasons. >> what did you spill on yourself? >> coffee went all over the place this morning. washington south and east, we are very oppressive with the dew points and humidity. the farther north and west you get, the better the temperatures you get and better the humidity you get. some of us waking up to fairly comfortable conditions. 64 in winchester. 66 in martinsburg. frontal system is just hanging up across the neighborhood. at.will do so for the course of the day today. our temperature will be once again back in the upper 80s to about 09 and there could be a stray thunderstorm a little later this afternoon. lets asee if we can get the maps to move -- let's see if we
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can get maps to move. notice we're in the 70s washington south and east and in the 60s as you get off to the north and west. a little better. a little bit drier air trying to nose in here t will have some success -- it will have some success today. a frontal system hanging up across the region and it is not really moving a whole lot. not going to move a whole lot today. we could see a stray shower or thunderstorm bubble up near southern maryland and lower eastern shore. you have the best chance for it. high about 91 today. mix of sun and clouds. could be a stray afternoon storm. again, best chance south of the city. winds here south and east at about five miles per hour. partly cloudy. 72 the overnight low. humid conditions for the next couple of days. but here is the good news,
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nothing terribly extreme this week. best chance for showers second half of thursday and friday and as we get into the weekend, that is an actual cold front that means business. highs only in the mid-80s by saturday afternoon. that is something to look forward to. sarah is celebrating. let's do some traffic. miss 85 and sunny herself, julie wright. >> my fire alarm woke me up around 1:00 p.m. >> was there a fire? >> no, i wasn't cooking. >> i'm like i'm not going to the garage and getting a ladder to figure out which one of these fire detectors needs a new battery. i just took a baseball bat to it. >> all right. >> lanes are open. no problems reported now south of 11 # headed out towards the split. planes are open on the top
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stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. -- no problems reported now south of 118 headed out towards the split. traveling 66 eastbound coming in from fair oaks, no problems headed eastbound in towards vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >> thank you. police in hyattsville are so fed up with the widespread graffiti there, they are about to buy new automatic cameras, hoping to catch vandals and artists. back in may, the city council approved the purchase of the anti-graffiti cameras and in july, a federal program for local police told the city it was getting 11,000 for the equipment. tonight at 8:00, the council votes to approve that purchase. three parking lot attendants at the smithsonian's air and space annex in chantilly are accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in parking fees. they were arrested saturday. they are charged with stealing at least $400,000 in parking fees starting in 2009.
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now, according to court documents, all three were caught on camera, unplugging vehicle counters so the stolen funds would not be missed. the charges carry up to 10 years in prison. the maryland legislature will hold a special session starting latter this week to discuss gambling in the state. lawmakers are debating whether to allow a sixth casino at national harbor in prince george's county. two democratic delegates gave us their differing opinions on monday on fox 5 news at 5:00. >> 80% of the jobs that are being claimed the casinos are producing are recirculated from another place. if you don't spend a dollar at a restaurant, you spend it at a casino, you are losing that, losing that job. >> i think first and foremost, the people of the state of maryland should be allowed to have a voice in this matter and decide whether or not we want to expand a sixth site. >> a special session will also
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address whether to allow table games at maryland's casinos. a high school athlete forced to apologize for a plane full of passengers over a plane's p. s. system. you'll hear why the coach made him do t. a slight change for apple's next iphone and ipad. we'll tell you what will be missing from the home scene when you first take it out of the box. -- from the home screen when you first take it out of the box. release me, momigus!
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in this morning's consume anterior letter now, best buy's co-founder wants to bite company making it private. just months after leaving his post as chairman. the offer values the company at as much as $84 billion. he already has 20% of the stock in the company. paying for the rest of the shares would mean coming up
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with $6.9 billion. some exciting news for american airline passengers. you may no long are have to wait for your baggage after the flight. starting this week, flyers can pay to have their bags delivered to their homes, offices or other destinations. can you purchase the service at the same time you book the flight or up to two hours before take-off. it costs between $29.95 and $49.95 depending on the amount of baggage. apple's next sigh open and ipad will be missing a very popular app. don't bother to look for google's youtube app. it won't be a part of the preloaded apps on the new iphone and ipad. can you use youtube in the safari browser. blame the growing rivalry between apple and google. if you looked a flight on southwest airlines recently, you may want to check your credit card statement. southwest airline is making
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good after accidentally billing customers multiple times for the same flight. the airline offered its facebook fans a special deal last week and blames a computer glitch for the trouble. some people were charged more than 20 times for the same flight. can you imagine seeing that? >> they probably gave them a has whl they called. >> let's hope not. they're going to make it right. we all know it is not polite to cut in line. a high school la crosse player who cut in line to be with his teammates as they were boarding a southwest flight learned the hard way. >> his coach made him apologize to everyone on board the plane. >> my fellow travelers, today, i address you with great remorse. during the boarding process, i took advantage of this airline's kindness. some of my teammates were called to the front of the line and i was not and yet, i cut in line and took a seat that
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rightfully belonged to one of you good people. this is not how my coaches and parents expect me to behave. for all of this, i apologize. >> look at that flight attendant's face. >> they were flying to i atournament. next time he flies, he says, he will be more patient. >> that was good. i'm glad the coach made him do that. >> a little humble pie for your flight. >> exactly. a few stunning results including one involving gold medalist gabby douglas. that is coming up next. >> we're checking in on redskins camp. does rg iii like getting hit? who does? we'll hear from him coming up next.
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checking the summer olympics in london, a tough one
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for gabby douglas. she finished in last place in the uneven bars out of eight competitors. russia won the gold. douglas won gold in the all- around competition last week. she'll get another shot at adding to her personal medal count in the individual balance beam today. >> she has had a good olympics. u.s. women's soccer team delivered a stunner. they beat canada 4-3 to advance to the gold medal team. d medal to baseball, yet another thrilling win for the nats. they beat the houston astros 5-
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4 in 11 innings. the nats have won now three straight. good for them. >> keep it going. >> baltimore orioles also won three straight. they beat the seattle mariners last night 3-1. mark reynolds went 3 for 3 and they now trail the first place yankees by 5 1/2 games. the washington redskins are gearing up for thursday's pre- season opener versus the buffalo bills. >> monday was rg iii's day to speak to the media. he discussed everything including his first ever nfl game on thursday. give insays he is more anxious than nervous. he says if he doesn't get hit, that's fine with him. >> i think it's been more difficult than i thought. i've heard many quarterbacks have been really bad in practice and great in the games. i don't want to be one of those but i feel like there are practices where you practice really well. there are practices where it is not the best day you've ever


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